Saviors of the Universe

Episode 2: The Forbidden Outpost

What will the Heroes find on the other side of the portal?  And how soon before the Queen's forces follow? 

Episode 0 and Episode 1
The story so far...

Episode 0: Arena of Death!

Episode 1: Deadly Favors

Our heroes receive a request to track down a courier that had gone missing while transporting a mysterious, valuable artifact.  The trail lead to the dangerous Spider Planet, where they found the courier's remains in the midst of a battle between the Spider People and Space Pirates.  They escaped with the prize and directions to head for an auction on a nearby merchant world.  On the way they examined the artifact, and discovered it seemed to be part of a larger pieces…

They arrived at the auction and saw it was filled with amazing—and illegal—goods (along with a motley mix of bidders).  Before they could look around too much the auctioneer announced the big prize: some sort of gateway that displayed an image of sunshine, something unknown to the eternal twilight of the Slipstream.

Before bidding could begin, however, a disturbance was heard outside: the Queen's forces had arrived, with orders to kill everyone in the building, and to secure "the device."  

The heroes, however, had noticed that their piece of artifact looked like a piece of the gateway.  And with the Queen's forces closing in and panic all around, they had little choice but to complete the machine and jump through—though it was no vista of sunshine that awaited them, but a darkened chamber.  

What dangers and mysteries await them on the other side of this portal, and why is the Queen so eager to get her hands on it?



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